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As the end of the year approaches, I suppose it is quite normal for everyone to look back on and take account of the past year. And since having a blog is like having a digital diary, I can go back fairly easily and find out how many of my goals and dreams I have been able to attend to this year and how many have turned out to be harder than I imagined. I am not going to do that though, at least not yet. Not because I am afraid of being disappointed, but because it is no fun. Now talking about the best beauty products of 2017…that is my idea of fun, so that’s what I am gonna do today.

I guess it is pretty obvious now that I love makeup. But I don’t just love buying and applying makeup. The truth is I have always been fascinated by it. I suppose I will always be amazed by how a few products can enhance a face that is beautiful in its simplicity. And then, how with skill and creativity you can completely transform a person into someone they are not. And even though it is a lot of fun just playing around with products on your face, I am always interested in what goes into a product and why it does or does not work for me. So here are the products that got a lot from love from me in 2017. Some of these are new finds and others have been in my life for quite some time. Nevertheless, they are all great quality products with good ingredients and research behind each of them.

Base Makeup

best beauty products 2017 foundation



To me, primers will always be a gimmicky product. I have never seen a primer prolong my makeup wear time or fill up my pores, unless it has silicone in it. The reason that I love the Too Faced HangoverRx primer enough to include it in my list of best beauty products of 2017 is its moisturizing properties. This coconut water based product literally glides on the skin and provides it with a punch of hydration. The result is that the foundation you apply on top, goes on beautifully and appears silky smooth. The primer is silicone free which is big plus for me and I have noticed a significant difference in the way my foundation wears with this primer underneath. There are never any visible cracks or flaky skin on my face on the days I am wearing this. Brownie points for a good, controllable pump on the tube. Overall, this is a great product and works well for ageing skin.

The Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion is the only eye primer I have ever used. And while I don’t always follow the policy of why fix what’s not broken, I am a firm believer of it in this particular case. This primer has managed to keep the eye shadow on my oily lids crease free for hours and hours on end for as long as I have been wearing makeup. And I don’t intend to try anything else for this purpose ever.


You can do one of two things. You can either spend your hard earned money on a regular foundation, wear it, be semi-satisfied with it and then never buy it again once it runs out. Or you can buy the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation in your right color, wear it everyday, discover how perfect a foundation it is, be amazed at how awesome it makes you look and thus forever, end your foundation trying struggles. Trust me when I say, you will never need to buy another formula if you try this and in the long run, you will save some money (not a lot, because this is expensive). Velvety finish, medium to full coverage, weightless feel on the skin. I don’t think there is a better foundation formula out there. It is my most favorite product in my list of best beauty products of 2017 and I think it will be in every list hence forth.

The IT Cosmetics Your Skin but Better CC Cream has been a favorite of mine for a few years now and with good reason. Firstly, it is a product loaded with skin friendly and anti-ageing ingredients, which I am a sucker for. Secondly, don’t let the term CC cream fool you. The coverage on this bad boy is better than anything I’ve ever tried, without being heavy on the skin. And lastly, it has an SPF level of 50+ which I need during the day, especially now that I am using a few AHA based products in my daily skincare routine. Once again, it is designed in a tube but has a good pump to dispense product. This is an easy, no nonsense choice for you if you are looking for a hybrid of skincare and makeup for your foundation.

Corrector and Concealer:

I have naturally deep set eyes and the fact that I am growing old isn’t helping the state of my under eye area. Nothing really works to properly conceal the deep pits I have going on under my eyes but the only product that has come close enough so far is the Urban Decay Naked Skin Color Correcting Fluid in Peach. I like this product because once it is on, it stays on without creasing. And you don’t really feel its presence on the skin. It is very lightweight but pigmented at the same time which is quite unique for a product of this consistency. It is not perfect but I am making it work until I find a hero corrector that will make my under eyes look the same color as the rest of my face.

The Clarins Instant Concealer is one of the best concealers on the market in my opinion. I believe that if I manage to find the right corrector for my under eyes, this concealer will do the rest. It is super pigmented and works well all over the face. I use my fingers to apply it in order to get the most coverage out of it. It seamlessly blends into any foundation I am wearing and does not budge. A little of this goes a long way. This little tube has lasted me almost a year even though I use it regularly. If this concealer formulation was sold as a foundation, I would buy it in a heartbeat.


The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder is such a beautiful product. The packaging is lovely and the powder inside is fantastic. This, in combination with the Giorgio Armani foundation, gives the most perfect, air brushed finish to the skin. This isn’t a setting powder, it is a finishing powder. So the best way to use it is a light dusting all over the face after you have done your makeup. It will not take away any glow from your foundation and highlighter, rather it will add almost another layer of luminescent glow to your finished face, like an Instagram filter. Just divine!

I have not been using the RCMA No-Color Powder for a very long time and was not sure if I should be including it in my best beauty products of 2017 list, but I like what it does. This is a loose setting powder and I only use it to set my under eye concealer. It has no color (as the name suggests) so all it does is fix the concealer for some time and stop it from creasing. Don’t get me wrong, I still get creased under eyes after a few hours of wearing makeup, but this works better than anything else I have tried so far. Besides, it is dirt cheap and a bottle of this is enough to last you a lifetime.

Face Shaping Makeup

best beauty products 2017 contour highlight blush


Contour and Bronzer:

The Fenty Beauty Match Stix has been in my life for the past few months now and I have been enjoying it a lot. I use it to contour and create the illusion of cheekbones and a chiseled jawline on my moon face. This product isn’t easy to work with. If you don’t blend it super fast you will be left with a very visible streak on your face. But the color is perfect for my skin tone, the best tone of natural shadows on my face. The color range in this line is so vast that you are bound to find your perfect contour shade no matter what your skin tone.

Ah! The Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow is sheer pleasure in a palette. This is like my favorite child in my  list of best beauty products of 2017. A pleasure to look at, a pleasure to hold and a pleasure to use. The bronzer in this palette is so subtle yet beautiful and I am thrilled every time I put it on. I apply it over the contour and on the perimeter of my face and it honestly makes me feel super special. It is a pricey product, no doubt, but the pan size is very generous and will last a long time even with continuous use.


My favorite daytime highlighter in my best beauty products of 2017 is the Mac Cream Color Base in Hush. This is a beautiful peachy shade that suits my skin tone like nothing else. It is light enough to be comfortably worn during the day without catching the sun’s glare and you can amp it up with a powder highlight on top for evenings. Its lasting power is especially impressive. It doesn’t slip or slide on the skin and stays exactly where you first put it.

The highlight shade in the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow palette is as beautiful as the bronzer. It is a very subtle golden color that is universally flattering. Before I used this, I had almost given up on powder highlight due to the fact that none of them ever showed up on my skin. This completely changed my views. Not only does it show up, it is the million watt highlight I have been searching for all my life!


The Stila Convertible Color in Lillium is easily my Find of the Year. I picked it up on holiday in Sydney and have worn it religiously since then. This is a peachy pink shade and I am pretty sure this is the color of my cheeks on the rare occasion that I blush naturally. I suppose that’s the reason it suits me so much and has made the cut to my best beauty products of 2017 list. It is not a very long wearing product and hardly lasts on me beyond a few hours, but I don’t really mind that. Also, it is super pigmented. I apply it with a stippling brush and I just touch the pan lightly with my brush to get enough product for both my cheeks. Needless to say, it will last me forever.

Eye Makeup

best beauty products 2017 eye makeup


Eye Shadows:

I have had the Marc Jacobs Lolita palette for a few years now but it was always overshadowed by my Urban Decay Naked palette. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the Naked palette. But honestly, it can be a bit overwhelming, especially when you are getting ready in a hurry. The Marc Jacobs palette, on the other hand, speaks to you (if you are a loony like me). It tells you exactly what shade to pick to get what look. And the fact that the shadows are buttery soft makes eye makeup the least time consuming portion of your getting ready process. The neutral colors will suit most skin tones and now that I think about it, this is the perfect palette to travel with.

2017 was the year of eye shadow sticks for me and Laura Mercier Caviar Stick was the best one I tried. They are very easy to blend and the shade range is beautiful. Also, they remain crease-free for a few hours, even without a primer underneath. The shade Au Naturel is my perfect “have 5 minutes to get ready but my eyes need color” shade. I swipe it on my lids a few times and blend it with my fingers into the crease, apply my Chanel mascara and Boom! I am ready.

And if I have three minutes to get ready, I use the Mac Paint Pot in Groundwork. This is almost the natural color of my eye lids, so all it does is hide any visible veins and get rid of shadows. This also doubles up as a decent primer underneath powder eye shadows.


The Chanel Volume De Chanel easily made its place in my list of best beauty products of 2017. This to me is false lashes in a tube. I really like the dark black color it gives my lashes but most of all I like the brush. It has a thick wand that combined with the great quality product, gives amazing volume and curl to the lashes. And also, the curl lasts forever without mascara transferring anywhere else on the face. I just wish it didn’t dry so fast because this is quite an expensive product. So a fair warning; once you try it, you might find it difficult to go back to your beloved old mascara.


The Benefit They’re real! Gel Eyeliner Pen is a product as weird as its name. The applicator is a weird shape with a cut out opening that dispenses a product of a very weird consistency. But some how, all this weirdness works and it helps me achieve the best cat-eye every single time. This product takes some getting used to but once you get the hang of it, applying eyeliner doesn’t seem very daunting. All in all, a good eyeliner and worthy of its place in my best beauty products of 2017 list.

Brow product:

The Benefit Gimme Brow is a cult classic product and I can’t believe it took me this long to try it. But it easily made the cut to my best beauty products of 2017 list. This is a fiber based products. When applied, gives the impression that you have more brows than you actually do. I am pretty well endowed in the brow department but the front parts are a little sparse. I use the spoolie on this to brush through my brows, focusing on the fronts. It tames the unruly hairs and adds a few more of them where needed. This is a good product and I assume it will work quite well for someone who struggles with less brows.

Lip Colors

best beauty products 2017 lipsticks


The top lipsticks in my best beauty products of 2017 are Mac Brave and Mac Velvet Teddy. These are my most reached for shades this year. Brave is a very simple, no-nonsense pink color in Satin finish. The lasting power ins’t as much as most people would like but I don’t really care about it. It looks great when I wear it in the mornings to take my daughter to preschool and equally good with a full face of makeup in the evenings. Velvet Teddy has a matte finish so it lasts quite a while on the lips. On me, it is a beautiful nude color. And this is the lipstick I have been reaching for when my makeup is a bit eye heavy.

I am a big fan of coral lipsticks, but it is tricky to find the perfect shade for my skin tone. The shade Coachella Coral from Charlotte Tilbury was my sister’s recommendation and I have enjoyed wearing it a lot this year. I included this in my best beauty products of 2017 list especially because of the formula. It makes the lips appear plump and the color is perfectly opaque without looking or feeling thick on the lips. It is hard to find this consistency in lip products that almost feel like a balm. I have definite plans of trying more colors from this range.

The Givenchy Le Rouge Lipstick in Fuchsia Irrésistible is in my best beauty products of 2017 because I wore it the first time on my daughter’s second birthday party. Also I got a ton of compliments. This is such a statement lip color but I find it fairly easy to wear, mostly on a night out. It has a semi matte finish and the genuine leather packaging feels very luxurious when you whip it out of your bag to reapply!

Here’s hoping that I get to experience and enjoy tons of new makeup in 2018. Wishing you all a very happy new year and thank you very much for being here right now!


The Best Beauty Products of 2017

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