Hello my internet family and thank you very much for visiting my website again. To anyone wondering why I stopped blogging, we went to be a part of a family wedding and had a nice long break from KSA so that BabyZ could spend time with both sides of her family. It was touching to see my daughter receiving so much love and affection from her grandparents, aunts, uncle and cousins. And I can’t wait for her to grow up enough to comprehend how fortunate she is to be blessed with such a large, loving family and to have grandparents who are healthy enough to play with her or accompany her for the umpteenth time, with no complaints whatsoever, when she wants to go look at ants in the yard.

The New Year started with us away from our home and even though I am not one for celebrating with a party or getting stuck in traffic, I like to mark it in some way as a beginning of a new chapter. Usually it is a resolution which I do not share with anyone. That does not matter, because I have mostly given up on it by February. But this year, I wanted to do something different. I thought that if instead of “Resolutions”, I focus on my “Aspirations” and put them down on paper (or on my website for the whole world to see), I might be able to gain something more meaningful out of the entire exercise. I can go back and read what my intentions for the new year were and how far, if at all, I have walked on the path towards realizing my dreams. The idea is to live each day, consciously working on a few of these aspirations and in the long run, hopefully become a better version of myself. Here I am sharing my plans for self-improvement for this year and probably every year henceforth.

  • Feed the mind. I have lately felt that my thoughts have turned very stale and stagnant and I am constantly searching outside for inspiration. This year, I am going to try to read more of literature that matters instead of convenient reading options. I have a long list of books that I have always wanted to read and I am going to try and finish at least ten of those this year. Another way I plan to feed my mind is to listen to inspiring TED Talks when I am doing household chores. I find them very interesting and easy to focus on and I always end up learning at least one new fact.
  • Feed the soul. This is my top priority right now as for years I have been blaming my “youth” for my restless nature. I am not that young anymore and if I don’t tame my monkey mind now, I never will. I would like to make it a point that I pray more this year and also listen to religious lectures that guide me towards becoming a better person. I will also try to listen to more of music that inspires me and calms me down.
  • Learn a new skill. I have been in possession of a nice camera for many years now, but I only ever use it in Auto mode. I would like to learn how to use the camera properly, understand lighting and angles and take good quality pictures for my blog and of my family. I am currently looking for online courses that I can take, all suggestions are welcome.
  • Eat clean. I had been practicing this for the better part of last year and felt healthier at 34 than I did at 30. Unfortunately, the trip to my mom’s at the end of the year weakened my resolve and I made some seriously unhealthy choices due to which I have gained back the dreaded salt and sugar cravings. The husband and I are ready to jump back on the healthy eating train, but only after I have eaten every single crisp and chocolate in the house.
  • Start working towards my long term goal. I would like to stop making excuses and procrastinating and start spending a few hours each week working on my long term goal. I can’t give too much away at this point in time, but this is something I have always wanted to do and have always let menial reasons stop me from working towards it.
  • Adopt a holistic approach towards improving myself. This includes a long list of things I would like to improve in my personality but mostly I want to check myself for flaws that I find repelling in others. I also want to work on my temper and impulsive nature and make an effort to be more kind, thoughtful and patient. I want to consciously focus on not taking the luxuries I have been blessed with and the people I love for granted. And I want to pause and enjoy the small things that give meaning to my life.
  • Reduce noise from my life. Quite often, I watch meaningless reality TV or listen to trashy music due to the lack of anything more entertaining to watch to hear. I know I am not of an impressionable age, but I still think it is irresponsible to spend even fifteen minutes of my day watching something that will leave me appalled. Moreover, I think with my daughter learning to talk, this is the right time to set rules in our home on what is allowed on TV and what isn’t and to draw the line between entertainment and inappropriateness.
  • Use what I have before buying more. Over the course of the last few years, I have found myself gradually becoming a shining example of consumerism in all its glory. I buy things I don’t need or I am tempted by offers and buy more than I require. As a result of this, my drawers are over flowing with toiletries and makeup and my pantry is laden with sauces and spices. This year, I will make sure that I use what I have before I buy more. So Dear Husband, if you are reading this, be prepared to experience some interesting culinary creations.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and it inspires you to improve at least one thing in your life in 2017. Do wish me luck on achieving my goals and aspirations.

Happy New year to all of you and as always, thank you very much for reading!               


My Aspirations for 2017

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8 thoughts on “My Aspirations for 2017

    1. All I can suggest is to set up one small goal and see yourself achieve it. This usually helps me get motivated for bigger things. Thank you so much for reading.

  1. Lovely aati , as usual…enjoyed reading it although did it on my way home since everytime I miss reading your blog trying to get a chance to read it at an appropriate time.

  2. Nice work aati. I read your blog every time it’s a great learning and good to see you sign up after a big gap. Keep improving lives.

  3. A very happy new year to you and your family.
    From your writing, I am going to include these on my chart too:
    – Achieve long term goals, and
    – A holistic approach towards and healthy and better human being
    Keep inspiring all of us.

    1. Thank you ayesha, that is such a lovely message. I am very thankful you find the time to read my posts.

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