I would like to start by putting it out there that intrinsically, I am not a very fashionable person. I mean I like fashion, I enjoy looking at catwalks and fashion magazines, I like to know what is trendy, but I am neither bold enough to try out those trends, nor cool enough to pull them off. And in the past, I might have felt the pressure to wear something if I was seeing it everywhere, but after becoming a mother, my least bothered attitude towards all things material is also evident in my fashion sense. In fact, I secretly like to think that I have sufficiently matured to accept my style for it is; Comfortable! This is the beauty of writing about yourself, you get the opportunity for self-evaluation.

During my research for this post, I discovered that the items in my closet that I now gravitate towards the most and wear over and over again are the ones that are easy to style, give me coverage in the areas I want and do not get in my way when I need to run! I also found that I am not very experimental in my choice of stores where I shop for clothes. I know which brands stock the items that suit my style and I only ever buy from them. Of course I like to peek into every clothing outlet, especially during the sales. Sometimes, if I am feeling especially audacious and foolish, I even buy from one from them, only to return it all the next day. So my wardrobe is predominantly made up of items from Zara and M n S with a few pieces here and there from other labels. So without further ado, these are the items that I will wear multiple times in this season, be it to my daughter’s playgroup or a dinner date with The Husband.

Casual White Shirt – This is a staple in my wardrobe in every season and my closet has an embarrassing quantity of white tops which I wear with blue jeans and sneakers day in, day out. I love this button down style and anything with roll-up sleeves has my name written all over it. Most of my casual white shirts are on the longer side and I like to tuck them into my jeans in the front and leave them hanging at the back. Obviously I get makeup on them within an hour of putting them on and that is why I have so many!

Black T-shirt – I love easy, breezy black T-shirts to wear these days. They look great with blue jeans and also with my favorite white ones accompanied by ballerina flats or sneakers. And do I need to mention the slimming effect? This one from Zara in particular has a firm place in my wardrobe and saw me through my entire pregnancy. It has batwing sleeves, is very loose at the top and tapers a bit towards the bottom which means it hides my bloated tummy as well as the food baby, when I get one. I can simply add some jewelry and sandals to take it from day to night.

Casual Navy Shirt – My husband is quite partial to navy so we tend to wear it a lot in our family. This too, looks great with blue as well as white jeans. I particularly like it when styled with white sneakers and this is mostly my outfit of choice when taking BabyZ to her playgroup. This one, also from Zara, checks all the boxes for me: long line, button down, roll up sleeves. What’s not to love!

Black and White Shirt – I usually have a black and white shirt in rotation which I wear to death. These days it is this one from Debenhams and although it has hearts printed on it, it doesn’t look so cutesy when I put it on, probably because of the color. I mostly wear it with white or black jeans and ballerina flats, but it also looks good with blue denim.

Pastel Blouse – Ah pastel tops! One can never have enough. I am currently loving this pale blue one from Zara and always looking for an excuse to wear it. I usually style it with some smart trousers, nude heels and minimal accessories for a chic evening look.

White Blouse – My love for white continues in evening wear. When I cannot decide what to wear, I opt for a white blouse with trousers and heels and I am good to go. And styling it is a no-brainer because in my opinion, everything looks good with white. This one from M n S is double layered on the top half which gives an otherwise plain blouse some movement and interest and also eliminates the need for an undershirt (genius!). I can dress it up or down depending on the accessories I pair it with and make it work for almost any occasion.

Blue Jeans – I am always on the hunt for a good pair of blue jeans and when I find one with the perfect fit and wash, I wear it every day until I grind it into the ground and then I start my hunt afresh! I once invested in a very expensive pair from Salsa thinking I absolutely needed one since I was a grown woman. But I had to be super careful with them and have since dismissed my idea and now buy whatever fits me at Gap or Zara. This one is, without a doubt, the most worn item in my wardrobe and will hopefully see me through this season.

White Jeans – I generally feel that white jeans are a highly underrated clothing item. I don’t understand why because I personally love them. To me they look very elegant and it seems that you have put more effort into your dressing if you are wearing a white jeans as opposed to a blue one. I love this pair from M n S and hope to wear it a lot this spring and summer.

Smart Black Trousers –  This is a great piece to have in your wardrobe all year round but it works particularly well with my pastel or white blouse tucked in and a pair of heels. This one is also from Zara and has a black base with tiny white dots all over, which prevent it from looking too much like office wear.

Flat Shoes – I love this lace up pair from Aldo which is more than a year old, but the trend is still going strong thanks to Aquazzura and a thousand brands that were inspired by it. These are very comfortable to walk in and the cut out details give it a nice feminine touch. These are also my daughter’s favorite pair of shoes judging by the number of times I have found her playing with them.

Sneakers – Sneakers are life! And I know that white sneakers have been trendy for more than two years now but I have only just started wearing mine. I find these low top ones from Converse to be slightly less edgy and an elegant choice in sneakers, if that is at all possible. I am looking forward to incorporating these into many outfits in spring and summer.   

Nude Heels – I am big fan of nude heels and am of the opinion that every girl/woman should own a killer pair of these at every stage in her life. They are the easiest thing to grab and go when like me, you have spent too much time on makeup and now your husband is standing in the doorway, huffing and looking at his watch every 25 seconds. This pair is from Aldo, the shade of nude is perfect for my skin tone and the heel is not too high which means that I can run wearing these if my daughter suddenly decides to take a sprint in the parking lot.

Black Sandals – These block heeled sandals from Kurt Geiger are the newest pair of shoes I own and I have yet to wear them, but I have included them in this post because I am sure I will get a lot of use out of them in this season (pedicure permitting). They work with all my outfits and as good as they are for nights out, they can also be worn during the day for a slightly formal look. They are seriously comfortable and even though I have not taken them for a test drive yet, I am pretty sure I can run in these when required.

I honestly had so much fun writing this post. I got an insight into my style and my fashion choices and have reached the conclusion that maybe I am not one of those fashionable mothers one comes across mostly on Instagram and at times in real life too, but I am satisfied with how I choose to dress up. It works for my body , the life I live and it makes me feel good, which is all that matters in the long run.





My Spring Wardrobe Staples

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8 thoughts on “My Spring Wardrobe Staples

  1. Black and white are the safest bet for any occasion, isn’t it so? Well-written. You have a decent and elegant style sense; I see you mostly in soft colors and they look great on you.

  2. I love the first paragraph the most. In the same boat haha! Yet I’m still a believer that once I reduce mt weight I’ll be able to pull cool looking magazine looks ?.

    I’ve been in love with ivory for the past three years. Always loved black cause it’s a staple colour. My go to colour with these two is a pale pink or dusty rose pink. Sorry a sucker for pink.

    And yes love light airy colours! You are a pretty mom with a good taste of clothes. 🙂 I think in the end we as mothers want to look good and feel comfortable at the same time.

    1. Oh dusty pink is so much in fashion these days. Zara is full of ruffles and dusty pink right now. Maybe when I have seen more people wearing it I will invest in a pink piece 😀 Thank you for reading Hibah.

  3. Awesome read Aati although I would disagree a bit. Pink in any shade is a must in a lady’s wardrobe. What is life without PINK??!!! Black stiletto can absolutely go with anything in the world! It makes a great noise when u have to impatiently tap your feet while standing at the door when ur husband is not ready yet! ???
    Awesome read Aati… keep it up!

    1. Yes pink is quite in fashion right now. I will look into it for your happiness. These are just the items I am partial towards right now, considering the season and my life. I will update my wardrobe as the weather changes and maybe add black heels to it. Thanks for reading 😀

  4. I am a fan of white, blue and red color shirts. I wonder why you dont have any red in wardrobe.. White jeans is highly under rated, thats so true. But here I see people get over over cautious with white jeans in fear of stains but wear my white jeans quite often. Black dont look good on me, haven’t worn it in years.
    For shoes I have variety of sneakers and walking shoes. No heels. I had less than half inch heels even on my wedding.
    A lovely post that I enjoyed reading more than anything today. Keep it up!!

    1. Today I was wearing my white jeans and my daughter insisted on eating her pasta right next to me. I thought about your comment! Thank you so much for reading Ayesha 😀

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