At the risk of sounding ridiculous, I will share that whenever we are in the process of planning a vacation or even a short break to another city, the first thing I google is the location of the biggest Sephora there. Once I have ascertained that there is a fully functional mega Sephora within a short drive of where we will be staying, I move on to researching tourist attractions and restaurants like normal people. So as soon we recovered from our jet-lag in Sydney, I started pestering The Husband to take me to the best Sephora according to my research. Sadly, even after years of being together, he neither shares my passion for makeup nor encourages me to cultivate it, so he tried his best to distract me with zoos, museums and romantic walks on Darling harbor. But obviously there was a limit to how long I would play along with his scheme and a few days before we left, the inevitable Sephora pilgrimage happened. I didn’t buy everything on my list on account of some items being out of stock and also the store being completely taken over by highly spirited Chinese tourists. Here is what I managed to secure from Sephora, Myer (a huge departmental store with an entire floor dedicated to makeup, I was in heaven!) and also Target.

Too Faced Hangover Primer

I was in the market for a new primer for a while now because my favorite one from Becca (which I talked about in this post), doesn’t do much to prolong the wear time of my makeup. This one from Too Faced claims to do just that while also hydrating the skin. A lot of makeup artists swear by it, saying that it gives the impression of a well-rested face, which I always need. Hence it found its way into my shopping basket. I have yet to try it on my skin, so I will report back shortly on whether it successfully fakes that I sleep soundly at night and drink two liters of water every day.

Too Faced Primed and Poreless Pressed Powder

This is a matte, translucent powder that makes fine lines and pores disappear. Well, at least temporarily, while you are wearing makeup. This also comes in a loose powder form, but I went for the compact because my daughter is mostly tugging on my legs when I am getting ready and the powder was bound to end up on the floor and/or in the air. On first impressions, the powder appears to be very finely milled so I am mostly going to use it to set my under eye concealer. I tried it a few days ago on my T-zone when I was getting ready in a rush and it seemed to serve its purpose. Let’s see if it ever makes it to my favorites list.

Becca Pressed Highlighter in Champagne Pop

This is the highlighter that broke YouTube when it was launched a few years ago. The sceptic in me believed that this is one of those products that is super-hyped up by beauty bloggers but won’t be very good when applied on the face. I was wrong. This is fantastic! It goes on beautifully on the skin and blends very easily due to its cream consistency. It is still not the 1000 watt highlight that I am searching for but it has come very close. This will probably keep me happy for a few months.

Stila Convertible Color in Lillium

Surprisingly, I didn’t own a single cream blush, until now. Even though whenever I have liked a blush so much on another person that I have gone up and straight out asked them what they are wearing, it has always been a cream blush. This formula was recommended to me by a friend who had it in a different color. I was playing with some of the colors from this range on the Stila counter in Myer when a makeup artist approached me and brought out this magnificent nudey-pink color from the drawers. She insisted on trying it on me and I fell in love. This color is my perfect, healthy pink and the application is ridiculously easy, whether you use a stippling brush or your fingers. I have worn it a few times so far but have yet to test its wear time. This is one of those dual-purpose products that you can use on your cheeks as well as your lips. I won’t be doing that, but it is nice to have the option. I have very high hopes for this.

Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able Full Cover Concealer

Honestly, I had never heard of this product. I picked it up in Sephora simply because it was on sale and my perfect shade was sitting there calling out my name. So I thought, how bad can it be? And you know what? It is not bad at all! On first impressions, the consistency is very thick which promises a full coverage. I won’t be using it on my dry under-eye area, rather I will use it for pin point concealing around my face. Let’s see how we get along.

Nyx Wonder Stick

This cream contour and highlight stick has been on my radar for a very long time now. But whenever I swatched it on makeup counters, I always found the contour color to be too orange for me. A friend of mine (and a like-minded makeup addict) gave me the confidence that the lightest shade from the range will be my perfect contour, but the highlight might not show up. I wasn’t very interested in the highlight end anyways, so I picked this up in Target a few days after landing in Sydney. And I am happy to report that this is the only contour I wore throughout my trip. The color is perfect for my skin tone and once again the cream consistency (are you sensing a theme here?) makes it very easy to blend into the skin. This is my new everyday contour and a winner in my book.

L’Oréal True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation

Cushion foundations have gained popularity in the makeup industry in the last couple of years and L’Oréal was one of the first brands to introduce this Korean makeup trend to the rest of the world. I have heard great reviews of this cushion foundation since its launch but couldn’t justify the purchase of another foundation when I already have a drawer full of half used foundations mocking me. But I was on vacation and felt brazen and adventurous (also my makeup drawer couldn’t see me) so I hurriedly grabbed my shade and rushed to the cash counter before I could come to my senses. I couldn’t wait to wear it the next day and it didn’t disappoint. The color match was very good and the application (again with the application!) was super easy. This gave me a nice, medium coverage but the lasting time wasn’t very impressive. I have worn it non-stop since I bought it and I am sure I will re-purchase this when I run out. I have also started recommending it to my sisters which is always a good sign.

In case you are wondering, I do know that most of these products are easily available here. But the reason I picked them up in Sydney was the huge price difference. It was shocking, downright appalling! Why is makeup so marked-up in the Middle East? It pains me to think about all the extra bucks I have spent over the years on over-priced makeup and how much more makeup I could have bought with those extra bucks! Well in the end, it makes me happy and you can’t put a price on happiness, can you? (Managed to fool myself again!) Thank you very much for reading.




New in my Life: Makeup Edition

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10 thoughts on “New in my Life: Makeup Edition

  1. I giggled through your post because I can relate to the sudden desperation of buying makeup aati!

    Sometimes I feel like I religiously need to plan an annual trip abroad exclusively for makeup shopping and not feel guilty about spending the extra bucks; maybe then we can share our ridiculous-ness together ?

    1. Always room for more ridiculous-ness in my life Fari! Seriously though, we spend too much on makeup here. It is not even funny anymore. Thanks for reading sweety 🙂

  2. Really aatika ? I thought makeup shopping in Sydney would be way out of budget.
    Thanks for informing me in advance ?

    1. I was pleasantly surprised too Sehrish. Don’t go like me, be brave and talk louder than the Chinese girls 😀 Thanks for reading!

  3. Hilarious! I can’t stop imaginaging all this. I have never used Too Faced products so that’s on my list especially the eyeshades. Have you tried Charlotte Tillbury yet?

    1. I only have a lipstick from Tillbury Hibah and it is Oh so pretty!The Filmstar bronze and glow is on my list. I am enjoying Too faced, you should try it. Thanks for reading buddy 😀

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