While the love of winters is quite strong in the residents of the Middle East (present company excluded), the truth is that we hardly get our fair share of the cold. There are a few cold days here and there but it’s not too often that we have to whip out our thick jackets. And even if the evenings are chilly, the days are quite pleasant. This makes it difficult to dress for the entire day and makes layering our most sensible option. Nevertheless, we love shopping for winter clothes and I am certain that all of us have that one (or seven) item of clothing in the back of our wardrobe that we bought in hopes of fashionably styling one winter, but that day never came.

I am guilty of buying a lot of winter clothes, I don’t know why, because I don’t even enjoy the cold weather that much. But in my defense, I do most of my shopping in sales and sometimes a thick jacket with a faux fur lining is too pretty to be left hanging in Zara. This post is not about that jacket though. No, I refuse to be embarrassed by the internet. This post is about what I actually end up wearing most days in winters.

I will put this disclaimer out there that I am NOT a very fashionable person. I dress safely, comfortably and sensibly. Mostly because I still have to change diapers, roll on the floor with my daughter, pick up a million things in the course of one day and unexpectedly run after my wild child in the parking lot. But even when I wasn’t a mother, I dressed quite similar to how I do now. I hardly ever take fashion risks and I never feel as if I have to. I find something I like, buy it in every single color available and wear it in the same way for all of eternity. That’s my style in a sentence. So for your viewing pleasure, here is how I am dressing up most days this winter season. I will try to link as many items as possible, in case you would like to look at them on a more stylish model.

Brightly Colored Thin Knits

I am really enjoying the brightly colored knits this season. And the best thing about these two is that they are thin enough to be worn during the day and you can easily throw on a leather jacket or a shawl over either of them if the evenings get too chilly. I mostly wear these with a blue jeans and sneakers. On the rare occasion that I have to get fancy for an evening out, I like to pair these with smart trousers and heels. They are super soft so you can easily tuck them into trousers for an instant style elevation.

Outfit 1:

Outfit 2:

Long Sleeved Thick Tops

We do wear our long sleeved tops in this part of the world all year round, mostly because our indoors are super chilled by air conditioners. But winters are a great time to comfortably wear them all day long. A thick, long sleeved top with jeans is my go-to outfit of choice these days and I can’t believe how many options of these I have in my wardrobe. I have been loving Kurt Geiger for my footwear for the past year or so and both my shoes in this “groundbreaking” styling idea are from them.

Outfit 3:

  • Black lace top from Debenhams
  • Gap True Skinny jeans
  • Kurt Geiger ballet flats

Outfit 4:

  • Blue shirt from Piper in Sydney
  • White Marks and Spencer skinny jeans
  • Kurt Geiger ballet flats

Black and White Knits

This is the outfit I gravitate towards when I am getting ready in a rush. Mostly because it is the most boring outfit on the planet and takes a minute to put together. Also you can accessorize it with any bag and shoe option that you have going on at the moment and it never not works. My loyalty towards Zara knits is pretty strong and that can be seen in the both the images in this category. Once again, on very cold days, I throw on my black leather jacket over these thin sweaters and I am winter ready.

Outfit 5:

Outfit 6:

  • Black and white Zara knit
  • Black Marks and Spencer skinny jeans
  • Clark’s shoes

Longline Lace Jackets

I love a bit of lace action anywhere in my outfit and to me it is always associated with going out. This lace jacket was a lucky find of my sister’s and I liked it so much that I went immediately and bought it for myself. The color is quite in fashion right now and the length is perfect for me. I like to wear it with a white top but I assume it will also look sensational with an all black outfit. While I won’t consider this a winter outfit per se, I can’t imagine wearing this during the summer months in Riyadh where we have an added layer of the Abaya. This is me pretending to be a chic mom with my lace jacket and shimmery heels.

Outfit 7:

  • Longline lace jacket
  • Gap True Skinny jeans
  • Dune heels
  • Fendi watch

So this is all my winter wardrobe in a nutshell, with the exception of a few jackets and chunky sweaters. l am certain you now know never to turn to me for fashion advice, but I do hope this was a fun read. Thanks for being here right now.


Outfit Ideas for the Middle Eastern Winter

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4 thoughts on “Outfit Ideas for the Middle Eastern Winter

  1. I like how you admit that you always play safe :p Regardless, all options are quite stylish. Enjoyed your post 🙂

    1. Exactly! You won’t believe how many times I have had to run when I wasn’t ready to 😀

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