And I am back!!! I hope the blog was missed while I was gone. I sure missed writing it and even though it was never my plan to let a month go by before I put up a new post, it happened and I have no regrets. Although the pre-vacation version of myself was quite unrealistic and had solid plans of publishing at least a few posts while on holiday, the on-vacation version found the idea ridiculous. And also, there were not enough hours in the day! We spent the mornings lazing around the apartment and then scouring the streets of Sydney until sun down, only to return home so BabyZ can have a good night’s rest and we can fall asleep on the couch while watching TV. It was idyllic.

The flight to Sydney was literally a nightmare. The flight attendants declared BabyZ too big for the bassinet and even though we were very fortunate to have an unoccupied seat next to us, she couldn’t figure out how to sleep in it. As a result of this, she didn’t sleep at all, which means that we didn’t sleep at all. I don’t remember very well now on account of being all groggy from sleeplessness, but I think at one point I was crying. But the good thing was that she remained in a pleasant mood throughout the flight and we didn’t get any annoyed looks from our fellow passengers. The flight back was easier. She slept for a good five hours at a stretch and spent the rest of the time playing on her tablet, pooping and smearing food on herself. That was fun.

We stayed in Australia for twenty days and even though it is not financially viable to spend so much holiday time in a city as expensive as Sydney, I found that this timeline really worked to make the vacation more enjoyable. We took it really easy during the first few days while we recovered from our jet lag and made the apartment our own. Once we were feeling normal, there still was no pressure to see and experience everything in a matter of days. This meant a lot of leisurely strolls through the city, spending hours in places that interested us and also visiting our favorite spots more than once. And not to mention, lots of time for shopping.

We had rented a one bedroom apartment in North Sydney through Airbnb, which if you ask me, is the best thing since sliced bread. Airbnb has really revolutionized the way families with young kids can travel. We were able to find the perfect apartment in a very happening neighborhood without breaking the bank. The apartment had everything we might need during our holiday down to cooking essentials. And since we were renting from a family with a little girl of their own, there was also an awesome crib and lots of toys and books. A cleaning crew visited twice during our stay and gave the place a thorough scrub. Most days we ate Turkish or Lebanese street food but when my maternal guilt kicked in, I also cooked a few healthy meals for my daughter. The building we were staying in also had a well-equipped gym on the top floor, which obviously we never bothered to step into.

All in all, it was a great vacation. We explored the city at a pace that suited our daughter, mastered the public transport system of Sydney, ate a lot without gaining weight and reconnected with some genuinely nice cousins both me and The Husband have in that part of the world. Our daughter traveled by a train and a ferry for the first time in her life, learnt to fall asleep in a stroller, ate more lollipops than she would ever have in a year and discovered that I turn into The Hulk if she decides to rest on the disgusting toilet floor. Not bad for twenty days. And even though I am happy to return to the comforts of my home, I am missing the cool, sunshine of Sydney and the luxury of staying outdoors for hours. My daughter too has gotten so used to going out every day that she is finding it a bit difficult to adjust to our home life here. And while we are still in the hangover of our lovely vacation, here are a few of my favorite pictures from the trip. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading. Cheers!


Sydney, Strolls and Sunshine

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12 thoughts on “Sydney, Strolls and Sunshine

  1. Were you actually “crying”???!!!
    OMG Aati Tahir, you have completely lost it. Had a fun time reading it and relating to it… keep it up!!!

  2. Lovely read. I am like dancing when I read BabyZ did not sleep at all during flight. I went through this 😀 and I know how it feels even days after.
    Having own apartment was a very good idea.
    Lebanese and Turkish food is all that you can eat when you are on non-halal place 😛
    I enjoyed the bog and it was missed indeed

    1. Oh Ayesha the flight was very very tough. I was begging her to sleep! I was pleasantly surprised to see so many halal food options everywhere. Eating is Sydney was fairly easy, although like you said the cuisine was wither Turkish or Lebanese. Thanks a lot for reading 😀

  3. Sounds you had an fun journey. I am glad you did. There is always this sad part when we reach Riyadh again. Anyhow, it is always like that when you use the time machine to travel through time and between civilizations. One side of the journey will be disappointing 😉

    1. I know what you mean Manar. In fact today my post-vacation blues have kicked in and I am feeling very down. Missing our Sydney life, but it is time to face the reality I guess. Thanks for reading 😀

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