The past two months passed in a bit of a frenzy. There were those days in March when all three of us got sick, one after the other and I being the wife and mother, had to bear the brunt of everyone’s poor health. Then April arrived and as The Husband got crazy busy at work, I found myself more annoyed and irritated than usual. One day he came home bearing good tidings that I might have to go stay with my mother for a few days. So BabyZ and I packed up to go spend some quality time at her Nani’s. The trip was only ten days longs but it was enough for me to reset my brain and gain some weight and for my daughter to pick up new attention-seeking habits to make my life harder. Nevertheless, I am thankful for the break I got from my routine and staying on this positive note, here are some of the things we were loving in March and April.

Indoor slide

A couple of months ago I talked to The Husband about getting an indoor slide for BabyZ. We argued about space issues since we live in an apartment but when I showed him (a hundred) videos of our daughter playing on the slide at the playgroup that she goes to and absolutely loving it, he obviously gave in. We picked up this brightly colored slide and moved some things about to make room for it and I suppose, it is one of the best things we have ever bought for BabyZ. I asked her, she agrees. While at the playgroup, she wasn’t very confident about climbing the steps to get to the slide and always needed tons of encouragement and help, at home she figured out the climbing part within a few hours. She needed some supervision in the first few days, especially because she was so excited, she landed on her head a few times. But a few cushions took care of that and she also learnt to control her speed with her toes. I, personally, love the slide because she gets very tired from all the physical activity and sleeps really well after that. I have also seen her involved in pretend play where she slides down all her stuffed toys and cars and claps for them, so I guess it also boosts creativity. Also, the slide is quite sturdy. It doesn’t move about when my daughter slides down and the steps are wide enough for her feet. They are also textured so her chubby feet don’t slip when she’s climbing. I find that this is a great investment, especially in a place like Riyadh where I cannot take my daughter out daily for exercise on account of not being able to drive myself. Which leads us to my next favorite of the month.


I know, it is old news and we have had Uber in Riyadh for more than a year now. But I really want to give it a shout out because it has made my life here relatively easier. For those of you who don’t know, women are not allowed to drive in KSA. And for women like myself, who neither have a private driver nor a father or a brother to drive us, getting around wasn’t easy. If I needed to go shopping, my husband had to come along which most of the times, neither of us enjoyed. Getting to and from work was very stressful for me because I was depending on a random person with a car who wasn’t very reliable. In short, life wasn’t easy for driverless/fatherless/brotherless women like me, until Uber. Nice clean cars, pleasant and punctual drivers most of whom speak a semblance of English and most importantly, trackable. Uber has made my getting around with BabyZ during the day so much easier and I enjoy a lot of activities with her which I might not have been able to if I had her a few years ago.

Mac Satin Lipstick in Brave

I picked up this lipstick during a recent MAC sale. This is one of those classic MAC colors that everyone knows about and I had wanted to give it a try. It is a very pretty, conservative, everyday pink color that can work in any situation. The satin finish means that it is comfortable on the lips, even though it does not last through a meal. I find myself reaching more and more for MAC Brave as I get ready for a day out with my daughter.

The Baby Einstein Videos

My two oldest nieces grew up watching The Baby Einstein videos on repeat, so they have been in our family for a good 10 years now. This was the time when it was a widely popular belief that these videos helped develop children’s intelligence and vocabulary. These claims have since been proven false but nevertheless, these are really good videos. They are very simply made and only involve toys, signs, music, puppets and clearly spoken words and my daughter really enjoys them. She can watch these for hours if I let her and I don’t know if they have any impact on her intelligence or not, but I have definitely seen her repeating a lot of words with the videos. For example, her favorite video these days is Baby McDonald which is all about the farm and I have heard her say “Field”, “Harvest” and “Wheat”. These are words I would never have thought of or felt the need to teach her, but she knows them. She has also learnt a lot of signs from the Baby Wordsworth video and can sign everyday objects like table, chair, swing and blanket. I feel immensely proud. Most of these videos are available on the Baby Einstein channel on YouTube. If you have a toddler, do try these out and I am sure they will love it.

Adidas Superstar Trainers

Yes, I am talking about the trainers every man, woman and child is wearing right now. And I didn’t just buy them on a whim when they got famous. I took my time, saw people wearing them in different situations, with different outfits and they always seemed to be working. As you can see I have the white ones with rose gold details and I am really happy with my choice. I even wore them when I traveled to Dubai last month and also on my trip back to Riyadh and as good quality trainers usually go, they are quite comfortable. I do have the white low-top Converse sneakers that I really like, but the Adidas trainers are slightly edgier and obviously trendier. The only challenge for me would be keeping them clean and white for as long as possible.

Gilmore Girls

This isn’t a new series. It started airing in the year 2000 and even though I have seen a few random episodes of it while it was being aired, it is now available on Netflix. I have been watching it for a few months now (without The Husband) and I didn’t realize how much I liked it until I sat down to put together this list of favorites. The show is based on a young single mother and her super-smart, super-nice daughter, with aspirations to study in an Ivy League school. It is about their relationship with each other and their respective relationships with the people in their lives, parents/grand-parents, ex-boyfriend/father and all the people who come and go without a trace. I like this show because nothing really happens in it! They usually encounter small problems in their relationships, school or job but by the end of the episode things are looking better for the mother-daughter duo. I know I am making it sound horrible but trust me, it is not that bad. I consider Gilmore Girls my comfort TV. I watch it when I put my daughter down for her afternoon nap and I can finally remember to breathe and eat. Each episode is fifty minutes long, so I can only watch half an episode a day. But I am not really in a rush to finish it anyways, because you see, nothing really happens in it!

Miss Dior Eau De Parfum

How does one describe a perfume? I suppose different people like different fragrances and what might appeal to me, might smell horrendous to you. But the next time you are passing by a perfume counter, just give Miss Dior Eau De Parfum a sniff. And if you like it, don’t buy it just yet. Wear it and come home and wait for it to develop for a few hours. You will be amazed by its longevity and complexity and don’t be surprised if your partner compliments you or simply can’t stop smelling you! It is that kind of a perfume. It is very fresh smelling when you first put it on and as hours pass, it develops into this sophisticated scent that lasts for days on end. This is the kind of perfume you will want to make memories with. I wish someday, it will remind me of a special day or period in my life and I sincerely wish I had worn it on my wedding day. I have decided to take it on vacation with me in an attempt to associate it happy times with it. Here’s hoping we have a good vacation now!

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Things we were loving in March and April

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4 thoughts on “Things we were loving in March and April

  1. Indoor slide is a great idea to keep kid busy and make him tired after a days work 🙂 I am sure BabyZ is having lots of exercise with lots of fun.
    Secondly, Miss Dior is on my shopping list now. Will definitely give it a try after reading this much about it.

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