• You catch yourself singing Elmo’s song while doing household chores.
  • You yell out things like “No baby!” or “Be careful” if your baby is out of your line of sight and you are too lazy to get up.
  • You insist that you need time for yourself away from your child, and then you spend your entire evening boring your friends with anecdotes of your baby or looking at her pictures on your phone.
  • You are not at all embarrassed of giving the high chair in restaurants a good scrub with anti-bacterial wipes before putting your child in it.
  • You are not satisfied if your baby doesn’t finish all the food on her plate, and you are not satisfied if she does. She is probably still hungry.
  • You make weird faces while feeding your child.
  • You plan your day around your baby’s nap times.
  • You no more order food in restaurants based on what you feel like eating, instead you order something that comes with sides your baby can eat.
  • Everything, literally everything, stops for a diaper change.
  • James Bond evokes the same emotions in you that David Copperfield does. Those poor little orphan boys, so lost without their mothers!
  • You go to the mall with the intention of shopping for yourself and return with bags full of stuff for your child.
  • You truly believe (and always tell your husband) that your baby is a lot more accomplished than all the other babies at this age you have ever seen. She is a genius!
  • The most satisfying sound in your world right now is the sound of the last sip of milk your baby takes from the bottle.
  • You claim that your baby was extremely beautiful when born, while all your life you have been appalled at people who called their wrinkly newborns cute.
  • You don’t give a second thought to getting badly hurt if it will keep your child out of harm’s way.
  • You realize that the word “Love” fails to encompass the extent of the feelings you have for your child.
You know you are a Mom when …

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9 thoughts on “You know you are a Mom when …

    1. Yeah, there are so many weird things that only moms do and other moms understand. Thanks for reading Ayesha!

  1. I’ ll add that the second and then third child lowers your guards and you learn to relax more.
    All the best! ?

    1. I hope it does! Relax is a word I repeat to myself at least 10 times a day but I seem to have forgotten how to actually relax.

  2. I do make faces i do tell my friends her stories and above all yes last sip of her feeder is the most beautiful and satisfying sound in the world

    1. I am so glad you do all these things Anam, makes me feel less weird! Thanks so much for reading.

  3. Hahaahaha what a lovely read..so agree with everything.
    This blog can be updated every few months, i bet.
    So right about David Copperfield?.

    1. I am so glad you enjoyed it Mady. Believe me, as soon as the blog went up I thought of five more things that could be included in the list. Thanks for reading.

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